Greetings, my fellow awakened!

The domain host for this website is really pushing for me to write blogs. I’m not much of a blogger. My anxiety would have me rethink while overthinking every aspect of an “online diary”. So instead, I’ll use the space to post any news or updates or just something I find interesting that I think you all may also be interested in. I suppose I can give some background or an explanation of the creation of such a website that is CE-5:Dayton Chapter.

This site is an extension to the “Sortawoke Society” private group on FB as well as a hub for the Greater Miami Valley to come together to get a Dayton Chapter for CE-5 which I understand many of you may or may not have a clue as to what that is. I will explain in detail a little later. I am trying to make sure everyone knows of this site before censorship deletes my FB account for the third time. There’s a chance it may not get deleted but once I explain, my paranoia will be deemed justifiable, haha. And if any of you reading this are not on the group, type in “SORTAWOKE SOCIETY” on the search bar on FB and request membership.

Thank you all! I’ll be in touch shortly.


By ashleyisawake_ish

Hello! I'm Ashlee and I am a painting contractor with a tin foil hat... now with a new hat... a web designing hat! With Revolwave! OPH! I'm also creating NFT's now. So lot's o hats!

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