COMING SOON: Disclosure 2.0

On Sunday, I had paid to watch the 20th anniversary to the 2001 Disclosure Project National Press Club Event: Disclosure 2.0 hosted by Dr. Steven Greer. It was of course live and while I tried to watch it, I was spending that day with family but did catch a few snippets at the beginning and then a good hour of the end. I’m anxiously waiting for an email with the link to the full 6 hour replay that I am supposed to be receiving sometime this evening. Although supposedly we are supposed to be given a full disclosure from the Director of National Intelligence report on UFOs to Congress, I’m sure the information provided will be lacking and one of the following:

a. vague

b. worded in such a way, most of the population won’t understand fully

c. won’t be highlighted in significance in the mainstream media news outlets, but nonetheless reported

And none of it makes a damn difference if no one truly cares. I don’t mean to make out everyone that hasn’t had a spiritual awakening to be narcissistic zombies hypnotized into being cold heart consumers. I simply mean that there are a great deal that haven’t been given the opportunity to take in the information. They are innocent, much like a child. It’s at the moment someone is given the gift of perspective that they also gain a responsibility and a choice. Doesn’t make them good people or bad people. However, if you are reading this – chances are you’ve just been shaken and are beginning to realize, or have been for sometime. Either way, you have the responsibility to share your knowledge and experiences because you could possibly help an entire city awaken or one person which, in my eyes, hold equal importance. I have no clue if anyone even reads my posts on this website, but I was driven to write and create nonetheless.

After I view the full webinar I will try to be quick to report my “underground disclosure” if you will. I am still unsure if I have the ability to share the webinar, which would be a no-brainer. In the meantime, however you can view David Wilcock’s similar “disclosure” that went live the same evening on YouTube. It has yet to be taken down like he assumed. I will attach the video to this post and it can be found in the Library as well.

The proceeds that I and thousands of others paid to watch Dr. Greer’s webinar is helping with the funding of his “emergency documentary” titled, “The Cosmic Host: An Expose”. It will be released in June (in tandem with the report to Congress) and will only be about an hour or so long due to lack of timing. This is taken from Dr. Steven Greer’s subscribed newsletter pertaining to the film:

This film will be released open source and may be placed by anyone on any Youtube or other video hosting site anywhere in the world FOR FREE WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS SO LONG AS POSTED IN ITS ENTIRETY!   

It is critical that we complete and release this documentary film to avert the coming false flag narrative of the “alien threat’ which is at the core of recent US government and media reports. The Unacknowledged projects are fast-tracking this false disclosure, anticipated in the paper When Disclosure Serves Secrecy written by Dr. Greer in 1999. It is now happening.
To prevent weapons in space and war in space it is essential that we expose this hoax NOW.  It is time for Universal Peace, not endless war!

-Dr. Steven Greer

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