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Societies spread on this Earth all hold perspective that can help build a world of progress. Everything in this universe is a piece of the universe that spreads across vast space to give life. Though divided nothing is separate. Eons of time as we see it has shaped there is, and all to be understanding of good and evil was a gift within a curse to life. The gift to truly understand beauty and recognize love and feelings of joy. The curse of dividing in difference and putting importance of pride to be right. There is a thin line between polarity. Only perception will give understanding to each side of view. People seem to choose conflict over compromise. We let every little difference block us from change needed to progress. To be a woke society it takes understanding we all hold a different yet just as important as the next piece of importance to this world. We all are Sortawoke. Some have been guided in life to see more, yes. But no one knows all the truth of this universe or all the answers to anything. Primal instincts give many an alpha complex where they worry about having control more than the productivity and comfort of a group in whole. The best leader is one who will emphasize and consider every aspect of what they are leading. I will explain as I write is ways I believe we can better our society. Leaders start direction in many aspects of society. We need more leaders who lead to create change to better all, not just sections they are more familiar with. I have children I love. True love for my child means I want them to have the opportunity of all other children. So my love for my children or any other guides a love to all society to have fair opportunity. Love for one should lead to show love all. So look into the love you feel to guide you to what the universe has to reveal.


By ashleyisawake_ish

Hello! I'm Ashlee and I am a painting contractor with a tin foil hat... now with a new hat... a web designing hat! With Revolwave! OPH! I'm also creating NFT's now. So lot's o hats!

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