Fear Inoculum

I was listening to Tool’s latest “Fear Inoculum” album when trying to come up with a title for this entry which syncs up so smoothly with the subject, as does the word of the day according to Dictionary.com which is “ravelment”. It’s definition is entanglement, confusion.

The above screenshot of the Washington Post dated June 10th, 2021 represents a cocktail of all things fear, confusion and entanglement gift wrapped within a syringe. And the amount of Intel and major gap in technology (unknown to us) that the “powers that be” have acquired, I shouldn’t find this headline so surprising. Of course while in conjunction with the disclosures, the need to incite fear in those unfamiliar with the CE-5 protocols. And although the author gives the opinions of Douglas Vakoch with METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and John Gertz from SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) the narrative remains the same. Dr. Steven Greer is not mentioned in this article, which also surprised me. However, I thought about it a little more and mentioning his name would only bring him into the limelight more and by extension the protocols. This type of media is meant to propagate the idea of demonizing CE-5. As more and more people become aware of the true existence of the star people in this light and find out that everyday people like us are attempting to make contact by ways of meditation — I feel that the possibility of treason by use of CE-5 to be our future. Like I have stated in previous entries, we have been conditioned for the last century to have fear when thinking of ET’s. Here are a few quotes I have taken from the article:

Chances are, though, that we should all be grateful that we don’t yet have any evidence of contact with alien civilizations. Attempting to communicate with extraterrestrials, if they do exist, could be extremely dangerous for us. We need to figure out whether it’s wise — or safe — and how to handle such attempts in an organized manner.

-Mark Buchanan, physicist and science writer based in Europe.

The search for aliens has reached a stage of technological sophistication and associated risk that it needs strict regulation at national and international levels. Without oversight, even one person — with access to powerful transmitting technology — could take actions affecting the future of the entire planet.

That’s because any aliens we ultimately encounter will likely be far more technologically advanced than we are, for a simple reason: Most stars in our galaxy are much older than the sun. If civilizations arise fairly frequently on some planets, then there ought to be many civilizations in our galaxy millions of years more advanced than our own. Many of these would likely have taken significant steps to begin exploring and possibly colonizing the galaxy.

-Mark Buchanan, physicist and science writer based in Europe.

Our history on Earth has given us many examples of what can happen when civilizations with unequal technology meet — generally, the technologically more advanced has destroyed or enslaved the other.

-Mark Buchanan, physicist and science writer based in Europe.

It’s also conceivable, he suggests, that we’re making a spectacular misjudgment — and some super-advanced alien civilization may attack us precisely because we haven’t reached out.

-Douglas Vakoch, METI

Without prior broad agreement from some globally representative body, Gertz says, contacting extraterrestrials should be considered “as the reckless endangerment of all mankind, and be absolutely proscribed with criminal consequences, presumably as exercised at the national level, or administered through the International Court of Justice in The Hague.”

-John Gertz, Astronomer, SETI

Both paths — listening for aliens or trying to call them — have reached the stage where they require broader public discussion, with an eye to developing sensible regulation. That’s going to take the efforts of leaders from many nations, presumably coordinated through the United Nations or some similar international body. It should happen now. Or soon. Before it’s too late.

-Mark Buchanan, physicist and science writer based in Europe.

And as you can see from the above cited quotes, there may be a strong push for regulating communication with ET’s and going against the regulations could result in criminal punishment. However, we all know the peace and love that are the Star-people and that good always wins. So in order to keep up with the upheaval of making contact – we MUST SHARE WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT CE=5! If anyone reading this, is uninformed of the protocols and who Dr. Steven Greer is – PLEASE watch his two documentaries: “Unacknowledged” and “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”. And share this entry to any of your social media platforms.

The full article from the Washington Post can be read here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/ufo-report-aliens-seti/2021/06/09/1402f6a8-c899-11eb-81b1-34796c7393af_story.html


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