Wired and Mired

There has been a lot going on while simultaneously nothing happening. In my life, that is. And like I have mentioned previously, I have yet to conquer the art that is blogging. I apologize for the lack of action within this site. And I will reiterate that anyone who is signed up to be member also has the ability to blog as well. I know very little about what is going on with the current state of the world, which seems incredibly counterproductive. And I don’t mean to be so misinformed. As with our lives here on Earth, we must survive and earn a living, and in my case I own a business which takes about 90% of my time and energy. I stopped watching all mainstream media almost five years ago – so unless the news is incredible enough to grab my attention through the alt media or a friend or family member fills me in… chances are I am clueless. At times, I will fall into yet another rabbit hole and feel an overwhelming amount of information being dumped onto me that I cannot even organize the information into words to share. I was feeling lost and without a guide when I began to realize David Wilcock had gone silent for some many months. And then Sunday, he went live on the topic of the Law of One and will continue to do so for the next few Sundays to follow. I have embedded the video below.

If anyone who is a member or subscriber, I am asking to please help and blog any and everything you feel is necessary for the awakening process.

**I have opened an Etsy store(SortawokePerspective) for the Sortawoke page and this site. Email thefifthkind@ce-5daytonchapter.com with your handmade items and I will post it for you.


By ashleyisawake_ish

Hello! I'm Ashlee and I am a painting contractor with a tin foil hat... now with a new hat... a web designing hat! With Revolwave! OPH! I'm also creating NFT's now. So lot's o hats!

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