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I just wanted to give people the opportunity to check out this Youtube Channel, “What the Flock TV”. I was subscribed to this gentlemens previous channel, “The Black Sheep Researcher” for a very short period of time and was completely blown away by his interpretations of certain subjects as well as his research on the Etymology of words. One day I had realized his channel was gone and I couldn’t find a trace of it. Until tonight, I googled his channels name and looked through the images until I found an one in which I recognized his face and it led me to someone else’s channel where he was a guest… looked through the comments and a few people had asked where “The Black Sheep Researcher” had gone… and someone commented with a link to his new channel, “What the Flock TV”. Turns out, many months ago, he had went against Youtubes community guidelines by “reporting false information” — on Adrenochrome. Go figure.


By ashleyisawake_ish

Hello! I'm Ashlee and I am a painting contractor with a tin foil hat... now with a new hat... a web designing hat! With Revolwave! OPH! I'm also creating NFT's now. So lot's o hats!

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